TANG, Man-to

Assistant Lecturer

BA, MPhil, PhD (CUHK)
Rm 404A

Brief Biography

Tang earns his PhD from the CUHK in 2018. He had been a full-time assistant college lecturer at the Community College at Lingnan University and a full-time teaching assistant at CUHK. Besides, he served as a part-time lecturer at Macau University of Science and Technology, HKU Space, the Community College at Lingnan University and Lingnan LIFE. He is now an assistant lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of CUHK.

Tang’s main research interests lie in Philosophy of Memory, Philosophy of Forgetting, and Continental Philosophy, especially Phenomenology and Hermeneutics. He has published more than ten articles on phenomenology, hermeneutics, philosophy of forgiveness, Chinese philosophy in a number of philosophy journals and anthologies. Recently, philosophy of memory and philosophy of forgetting constitute his main research interest.

Research Interests

  1. Continental Philosophy (especially phenomenology and hermeneutics)
  2. Philosophy of Memory
  3. Philosophy of Forgetting
  4. Comparative Philosophy

Selected Publications

Book chapter

  1. “The Double Intentionality of Forgiveness: A Non-Reductive Account of Forgiveness in Ricoeur and Confucius” in The Philosophy of Forgiveness Vol. 1, ed., by Court Lewis, Delaware: Vernon Press, 2016: 201-222.


Journal articles

  1. 〈虛無是否定的唯一基礎嗎?:呂格爾與沙特〉,《現象學與人文科學》,即將出版。
  2. “Ji Kang on Music: Two Interpretations”, Journal of Daoist Studies, Accepted & Forthcoming.
  3. 〈論胡塞爾現象學還原的動機與進路的優先性〉,《現代外國哲學》,即將出版。
  4. “Can the Distinction between the “Abstract West” and the “Concrete East” be Retained? From the Linguistic Perspective”, Kritike, vol. 12, no. 1 (2018): 201-214.
  5. “ἐπιλήθομαι (epilelesthai) and λήθη (lethe): On Plato’s Philosophy of Forgetting” Socrates, vol. 5, no. 3-4 (2017): 40-57.
  6. “Towards a Phenomenological Foundation of Human Sciences: Ricoeur’s Reinterpretation of Husserl’s Phenomenological Intersubjectivity” Sofia Philosophical Review, vol. 9 (2016): 66-79.
  7. “How Can We Make Sense of Schematism? Heideggerian Interpretation of Kant’s Project”, Existentia, vol. 25, no. 1-2 (2015): 95-109. “False Memories and Reproductive Imagination: Ricoeur’s Phenomenology of Memory” META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy, vol. 7, no. 1 (2015): 29-51.
  8. “Husserl’s Transcendental Idealism and its Way Out of Internalism/ Externalism Debate”, META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy, vol. 5, no. 1 (2014): 463-483.
  9. 〈德里達的「非傳統形上學」——從德里達「解構」胡塞爾記號現象學的觀點看〉,《華岡哲學學報, 第三期》 (2013),頁77-92.


Book reviews

  1. “Review of Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann: Hermeneutics and Reflection: Heidegger and Husserl on the Concept of Phenomenology” Horizon: Studies in Phenomenology, vol. 6, no. 1 (2017): 265-271.
  2.  “Review of Jean-Luc Marion: Negative Certainties” Phenomenological Review, (June 2016). 
  3.  “Review of Eran Dorfman: Foundation of Everyday” Phenomenological Review, (Feb 2016). 
  4. “Review of Stephen Kaeufer and Anthony Chemero: Phenomenology- An Introduction” Phenomenological Review, (Nov 2015). 


Conference papers

  1. 〈坐忘會導致執著嗎?從利科的觀點看莊子的坐忘工夫〉,「智慧、知識與情感」兩岸三地四校南北哲學論壇學術研討會,香港:香港中文大學,2018年11月1-2日。
  2. “The paradox of forgetting”, Memory and Ethics in the Digital Age: Shanghai University Strategic Partners Plan The International Academic Forum and Workshop, Shanghai: Shanghai University, 24-26th September, 2018.
  3. 〈否定句的本源是虛無嗎?呂格爾論沙特的「虛無」〉,「戰後法國的現象學與反現象學思潮」學術研討會,香港:香港中文大學,2017年3月2-4日。
  4. “Back to forgetting itself: Paul Ricoeur’s refutation of Churchlands’ eliminativism”, Workshop on Phenomenology and East Asia, HK: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1st March 2017.
  5. “What is it like to be an amnesic patient?”, 7th PEACE (Phenomenology for East Asian CirclE) Conference, Tokyo: The University of Tokyo, Komaba I Campus, 16-18th December, 2016.
  6. “Are false memories created by reproductive imagination? An examination of Ricoeur‟s phenomenology of imagination and memory”, The International Conference on Paul Ricoeur, Hermeneutics, and Asia, Taipei: Soochow University, 29-31th May, 2014.
  7. “Marion on the visible and the invisible in painting: the play of gazes”, The work of Jean-Luc Marion, An International Conference at the Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy, London, Canada: King’s University College, 27-29th March, 2015.
  8. “Is narrativity the essential structure of life – A refutation of Schaziki‟s account of narrativity”, The 7th Symposia Phaenomenologica Asiatica, Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 8th August, 2013.
  9. 〈胡塞爾現象學不是傳統的素樸「在場形上學」-從胡塞爾對布倫塔諾和邁農的批判到對德里達批判的可能回應〉,臺灣: 臺灣大學哲學系、政治大學哲學系「校際研究生哲學論文發表會』」,臺灣: 臺灣大學哲學系、政治大學哲學系,2012年6月14-15日。
  10. “Absolute freedom‟ – from the account of radicalizing consciousness by Kitaro Nishida”, UTCP Graduate Conference 2012 Practicing Japanese Philosophy: Mind and Activity, Tokyo, Japan: The University of Tokyo (Komaba Campus), on 18-19th February, 2012.
  11. “Absolute givenness and anonymous givenness- proper and improper phenomenological construction”, The 5th Symposia Phaenomenologica Asiatica, Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 8th August, 2011.
  12. “Husserl‟s concepts of evidence and intuition: in what way do they differ from ordinary concepts of proof and argument? From the perspective of Early Husserl”, The Early Phenomenology Munich and Gottingen, US: Franciscan University of Steubenville 2011 Annual Conference on Christian Philosophy, 10-13th April, 2011.