Master Class was first concretized in the form of a three-week Master Class on a chosen theme of phenomenology during the summer break in 2007. It is organized under the auspices of the Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology, thanks to the generous donation of Dr. Edwin Cheng.

Two internationally renowned scholars in phenomenology will be invited to give four three-hour lectures on related topics within two weeks. The audience (app. 15-20) will be young faculties, post-doctoral fellows or advanced post-graduate students from universities of Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other areas in the Asia Pacific region. At the end of their two-week stay, a symposium on the topics discussed in the lectures will be organized and each participant is required to take part in paper presentation followed by discussion.

It is hoped that the Symposia Phaenomenologica Asiatica can play the role of the cradle of the future generations of Asian phenomenologists, and through this can be continued our common cause: P.E.A.CE. (Phenomenology for East-Asian CircLE).

Invited Scholars


David Carr
Emory University, U.S.A.

Nicolas de Warren
KU Leuven, Belgium


Prof. Bernhard Waldenfels
University of Bochum, Germany

Prof. Rudolf Bernet
University of Leuven, Belgium


Prof. Dan Zahavi
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof. László Tengelyi †
University of Wuppertal, Germany


Prof. Dermot Moran
University College Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Mauro Carbone
University of Lyon III, France


Prof. Hans-Rainer Sepp
Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

Prof. Ronald Bruzina
University of Kentucky, USA


Prof. John Drummond
Fordham University, USA

Prof. Renaud Barbaras
University Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France


Prof. Thomas Nenon
University of Memphis, USA

Prof. Steven Crowell
Rice University, USA

Participants' Feedback