About Us

Phenomenology is one of the most influential living philosophical movements in the contemporary international academic arena. There are now more than 120 academic organizations worldwide directly engaged in research in phenomenology.

The Edwin Cheng Foundation Asian Centre for Phenomenology was established by the generous donation by Dr. Edwin S. L. Cheng in 2007. The centre is developed on The Research Centre for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, which was established in March 2002, at the initiative of colleagues of the Department of Philosophy. Its mission is to promote research in phenomenology and its relationship to the human sciences, as well as to foster national and international exchange and cooperation in phenomenological research in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its establishment, the centre has been active in organizing of academic activities, such as the Master Class in Phenomenology for Asian Scholars, symposiums, the publication of the Journal of Phenomenology and the Human Sciences (in Chinese), and the series of Research on Phenomenology and the Human Sciences.