Visiting Professor

PhD Leuven; PhL Leuven; M.A. Toronto; B.A. Toronto)
Rm 417

Brief Biography

Philip Buckley (PhD Leuven; PhL Leuven; M.A. Toronto; B.A. Toronto) is a member of the Department of Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and holds the McGill UNESCO Chair in Global Asia and Humanities. He was Chair of the Department of Philosophy from 1998-2008 and Chair of the Department of East Asian Studies from 2014-2019. His fundamental research was originally focused upon the phenomenology of Husserl and Heidegger, with an interest also in its historical antecedents and subsequent developments in 20th century French and German philosophy. On this foundation, Professor Buckley conducts research related to the interface of religion, culture, and identity within the context of a phenomenological understanding of the individual and of community. From 2003‐2012, Professor Buckley headed a McGill‐based Canadian International Development Agency bi‐lateral project focusing upon capacity building in higher education in Indonesia. Several times he has been guest‐professor for a full semester at the State Islamic University (UIN) in Jakarta, has taught and lectured throughout the nation‐wide network of State Institutes/Universities of Islamic Studies in Indonesia, has been a consultant on curriculum design and implementation and played an active administrative and academic role in program development within this system in Indonesia. He is an adjunct/visiting professor at various universities in Indonesia and China and a long‐time member of the Phenomenology in East Asia Circle. These experiences have led Professor Buckley to work on themes at the crossroads of European and Asian philosophy, and he has on‐going research interests in the specificity of Asian “identities” in a global context.

Research Interests

  1. Phenomenology
  2. Political Philosophy
  3. Philosophical Anthropology
  4. Philosophy of Religion
  5. Philosophy of Ritual
  6. Inter-Cultural Dialogue

Selected Publications


E. Husserl, Essays on Culture, Edited and Translated with an Introduction by R. Philip Buckley, Edmund Husserl: Collected  Works (Dordrecht: Springer, 2023), 180pp. (Forthcoming)

Husserl, Heidegger and the Crisis of Philosophical Responsibility (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992), 296pp.

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Selected Refereed and Invited Articles and Commissioned Reports:

Authored the section on “Philosophy in East Asia” for the World Humanities Report commissioned by UNESCO and submitted by Sara Guyer in 2021.

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