Analytic Metaphysics Workshop

Taking the advantage of Professor Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra’s Tang Chun-I Visiting Professorship at CUHK, this one-day workshop will bring together Rodriguez-Pereyra and five HK-based scholars in the field of analytic metaphysics to engage in profound discussions, share groundbreaking insights, and explore the fundamental questions that shape our understanding of reality. Throughout the day, our speakers will engage in presentations and discussions that traverse a rich array of cutting-edge topics in analytic metaphysics, including but not limited to grounding, identity, modality, and properties.

The conference will be conducted in English and all are welcome. For further details please refer to the poster and the rundown attached. If you are interested in attending the event, please register HERE by 7 September 2023.

Rundown: here

Keynote Speaker:
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (Oxford)

Invited Speakers:
Andrew Brenner (HKBU)
Tien-Chun Lo (CUHK)
Dan Marshall (Lingnan)
Nick Rimell (CUHK)
James Dominic Rooney (HKBU)