Beyond the Human? A Critique of Transhumanism (Online Departmental Seminar)

Joining the Seminar online:
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Link to Meeting: https://cuhk.zoom.us/j/96285687600


The lecture presents a critique of current transhumanist positions in two steps:
1) In its radical variant – “mind-transfer”, “mind-upload”– transhumanism is based on an untenable concept of consciousness. The human mind is not an ensemble of digitalizable algorithms and information, but constitutively alive and embodied. Selfhood or personal identity cannot be reflected in a set of data.
2) In its transformative variant, i.e. the fundamental genetic or technological transformation of the body, transhumanism becomes self-contradictory: namely, it abolishes the basis from which this self-remodeling is only possible in a meaningful way. For the ideas of the good, which all enhancement or re-engineering of human nature is ultimately intended to serve, can no longer be meaningfully conceived without this embodied basis of nature.

Delivered in English.
All are welcome.