Hayden Kee


B.A. (Mount Allison University); M.Phil. (K.U. Leuven); Ph.D. (Fordham University)
Rm 430


Hayden Kee received his B.A. in Philosophy at Mount Allison University (Canada), his M.Phil. in Philosophy at K.U. Leuven (Belgium), and his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Fordham University (USA). Kee joined the Department of Philosophy at the Chinese University in 2021.

Kee’s research focuses on questions of mind, language, and cognitive science, all broadly construed. He is interested in how language and other higher cognitive abilities relate to more basic, embodied abilities and processes, such as emotion, perception, action, and preverbal communication. His approach to these questions is based in the European phenomenological tradition, in particular the work of Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty. He also draws from analytic philosophy; 4E cognitive sciences; and empirical research in psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience. His work increasingly engages the Indian philosophical tradition, especially the yoga school.

Kee has been awarded various research fellowships and grants from the Canadian Research Council, the German Academic Exchange Foundation, and the John Templeton Foundation, among other funding bodies.


  1. 欧陆哲学
  2. 现象学
  3. 语言哲学
  4. 印度哲学


The publications listed below are available at Kee’s academia.edu page. If you have difficulty accessing any of these publications, please contact Kee directly.


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