刘创馥Kant without Thing-in-Itself: The Unity of Transcendental Psychology and Metaphysics人文学及社会科学杰出学者计划 01-01-202331-12-2023
KEE, HaydenThe Birth of Speech: Nature and Development in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Language研究资助局 (RGC) – 杰出青年学者计划 (ECS)/48 个月
钟磊An Emergentist Theory of Mind研资局研究学者计划 2021/2201-01-202231-12-2026
郑泽绵Sincerity and Temporal Experience from Zhu Xi to Wang Yangming研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-202231-12-2024
孟繁麟Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy: Limitations and Contributions 研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-202231-12-2023
钟磊A Contemporary Interactionist Approach to Mental Causation研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-202231-12-2023
张锦青Wittgenstein and Xunzi on Intercultural Understanding and Communication研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-07-2021TBC
MOSS, Gregory ScottThe Dialetheic Theory of Truth in Neo-Platonic Philosophy研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-202131-12-2022
GENIUSAS, Saulius HaroldasPhenomenology of Absorption: A Study of Displaced Self-awareness研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-202131-12-2022
ERLER, AlexendreHuman identity and authenticity in the age of neurotechnology研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-201931-12-2021
MOSS, Gregory ScottErnst Cassirer and the Autonomy of Myth研究资助局 (RGC) – 杰出青年学者计划 (ECS)01-01-201931-12-2021
刘创馥The Unity of Kant’s Transcendental Psychology and Metaphysics研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)09-10-201808-04-2021
GENIUSAS, Saulius HaroldasPhenomenology of Pain: Its History, Methodology and Significance研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-201731-12-2019
李翰林Public Reason and Bioethics研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)07-09-201606-09-2019
钟磊A Parallelist Approach to Mental Causation研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-01-201731-12-2018
黄勇Knowing-to: The Contemporary Significance of Wang Yangming’s Moral Philosophy研究资助局 (RGC) – 优配研究金 (GRF)01-09-201531-08-2017