CHENG, Chung-yi

Professor, Director of MA programme

B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D (CUHK)
Rm 431

Brief Biography

I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a philosophy major in 1987. I then transferred to the History Department of the same university and conducted my research on Modern Chinese Intellectual History. In 1989, I returned to the Philosophy Department and completed my dissertation on the study of the transformation of Confucian thought in the seventeenth century China in 1995. Really I had never thought of becoming an academic during my postgraduate studies. At that time, postgraduate studies for me were nothing but a captivating exploration in the intellectual as well as the art of living. However I luckily got a chance to join the Philosophy Department later that significantly shaped my life to be an academic one. Luckily again my dissertation was awarded the Young Scholars Dissertation Awards of the CUHK Alumni Fund and eventually published by the Chinese University Press in 2000 after comprehensive revision. This was absolutely a confirmation to my choice to be a scholar.

In the years I am teaching at the Chinese University, teaching and research are undoubtedly the two things that satisfy me a lot, and I always try my best to get rid of different kinds of administrative work even though I know that is part of my job as well. Hence, the sabbatical year during the academic year 2002-2003 I spent at Harvard University under the Harvard Yenching Institute’s Visiting Scholars Program did mean so much to me. As a teacher of the university, I bear the following words of Confucius in mind as my motto: “Quietly to store up my knowledge in my mind, to learn without flagging, to teach without growing weary. For me there is nothing to these things.”

Research Interests

  1. Confucian thought
  2. Contemporary Neo-Confucianism
  3. History of Chinese philosophy
  4. Comparative studies of Chinese and western Philosophy
  5. Chinese culture and its modern interpretation

Selected Publications

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