About Us



Teaching: The Department of Philosophy offers a diverse and balanced curriculum that incorporates three major philosophical traditions­—Anglo-American, Continental, and Eastern with an emphasis on a comparative perspective. The curriculum not only achieves international significance but also maintains national and regional relevance. Specifically, the undergraduate curriculum aims to provide students with a strong liberal arts education, to train them in critical thinking and to develop their written and oral communication skills applicable to a wide variety of professions, and to prepare them for further studies in philosophy. The postgraduate program provides advanced training in specialized areas of philosophy, with the goal of preparing students to undertake rigorous independent research. Besides the PhD and MPhil programs, the Department also offers an MA program, which is designed for mature students, who already hold undergraduate degrees in disciplines other than philosophy, and which provides Hong Kong public with vigorous training in reflective thinking from a philosophical point of view. In addition, the Department has long been devoted to CUHK’s general education program. Members of the Department are regularly involved in exploring and clarifying the ideas of a general university education.

Research: The Department is committed to fostering outstanding research across a diverse array of philosophical domains, such as analytic philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy, German idealism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, social and political philosophy, theoretical and applied ethics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of science. At the heart of our mission lies a strong emphasis on Chinese-Western comparative philosophy, reflecting our unique cultural and historical heritage, as well as our strategic geographical position. This approach aligns with CUHK’s vision of advancing and modernizing Chinese culture.

Scholarly Exchange:  The Department promotes research and learning by engaging in various scholarly activities. We host research centers; organize conferences and visiting programs; and publish cutting-edge research. Capitalizing on our unique historical heritage and Hong Kong’s significance as a cultural link between East and West, we position ourselves as a leading international hub for Chinese-Western comparative philosophical discourse. Collaborating with overseas institutions fosters deep academic exchanges, while the appointment of visiting professors enriches the academic environment. These efforts further extend our global influence and reinforce our reputation as a leading research center.