MPhil & PhD


The Department began offering MPhil programme in 1966 and PhD programme in 1980s, and has since provided solid philosophical training to more than 200 postgraduate students. Many of them now serving the local and international academic communities through their dedication to teaching and research.

We currently have about 30 MPhil and PhD students, who are under the supervision of our full-time professors. The diverse research interests of our faculty cover most areas of mainstream philosophy, being particularly strong in Chinese philosophy. In the past few decades, research in Anglo-American as well as Continental European philosophy has become prominent, with outstanding research outputs in the fields of phenomenology, ethics, and philosophy of mind.

MPhil and PhD Programme aim to:

  1. Provide solid academic training to students in philosophy, especially in the following specialized areas: Chinese/ Eastern philosophy, Anglo-American philosophy, Continental-European philosophy and comparative philosophy.
  2. Enhance student’s ability and skill to undertake rigorous independent research in specialized areas in philosophy.
  3. Cultivate excellent young scholars who will serve local and overseas academic communities and other professional sectors.