KWAN, Tze-wan

Emeritus Professor

B.A.; M.Phil. (CUHK); Dr.phil. (Ruhr-Universität)
Rm 423

Research Interests

  1. German Philosophy
  2. Phenomenology
  3. Philosophy of Language
  4. Philosophy of Kant
  5. Humanities Computing
  6. History of Western Philosophy

Selected Publications

  1. “Abstract Concept Formation in Archaic Chinese Script Forms: Some Humboldtian Perspectives”. Philosophy East & West—A Quarterly of Asian and Comparative Thought, 61.3 (2011): 409–452.
  2. 〈母語教學——關子尹答劉保禧〉[Native Language Education: A Reply to Questions Raised]。收入甘文鋒編:《思人對話——教育篇》,頁114–129。香港:圓桌精英,2011。
  3. 〈虛己以遊世——早期希臘哲學的非自然哲學解讀〉[Man’s Place in Nature: A Non-Physicalistic Reading of Early Greek Philosophy]。《中山大學學報(社會科學版)》,4 (2010): 124–150。
  4. Co-edited with K.Y. Lau and C.F. Cheung. Identity and Alterity: Phenomenology and Cultural Traditions. xii + 379 pp. Wurzburg, Germany: Koenigshausen & Neumann, 2010.
  5. (editor)《現象學與當代哲學第二期:現象學漢語翻譯問題》。台北:漫遊者,2009。
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  7. 〈西方哲學東漸下有關語言的一些重要議題〉[Language related Issues amidst the Influx of Western Philosophy into China]。《中山大學學報(社會科學版)》,3 (2009): 118–127。另以〈西方哲學東漸下有關語言的議題〉刊於《中國社會科學文摘》,9.9 (總 69期, 2009): 53–55。
  8. 〈『德爾佩(Alfred Delp SJ)的《悲劇性存活》及其對海德格的批判——德氏百歲冥誕紀念』〉[Alfred Delp SJ’s Tragic Existence & His Heidegger Critique—In Commemoration of Delp’s 100th Birthday]。《啟示與理性》「哲學與政治的共契」專輯,4 (2009): 240–255。
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  11. 〈從康德《學院的爭議》談哲學教育〉[Kant’s Conflict of the Faculties and Philosophy Education]。收入劉國英、張燦輝編:《修遠之路:香港中文大學哲學系六十周年系慶論文集.同寅卷》[Ponder over Yonder: Essays in Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Department of Philosophy at the CUHK, Faculties’ Contributions],頁33–46。香港:中文大學出版社,2009。
  12. 《語默無常——尋找定向中的哲學反思》[Articulation-cum-Silence: In Search of a Philosophy of Orientation]。xix+403 頁。香港:牛津大學出版社,2008。(簡體字版由北京大學出版社於2009年出版,共429頁)
  13. “Kant’s Possible Contribution to Natural Law Debates”. In Tze-wan Kwan, ed., Responsibility and Commitment: Eighteen Essays in Honor of Gerhold K. Becker, pp. 197–224. Waldkirch, Germany: Edition-Gorz, 2008.
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