LO, Tien-chun

Assistant Professor

BA (NTU); MPhil, DPhil (Oxford)
Rm 428

Brief Biography

I received my DPhil in Philosophy from Oxford in 2021. Before my doctoral studies, I obtained an MPhil in Philosophical Theology from Oxford and a BA in Philosophy from National Taiwan University.
My research interests lie in metaphysics and philosophy of religion. The issues that I have been working on include general metaphysical questions, e.g. (a) grounding, (b) fundamentality, (c) mereology, (d) properties, and (e) identity, and various topics in philosophy of religion, especially arguments for/against the existence of God and metaphysical/epistemological issues regarding divine attributes.

Research Interests

1. Metaphysics
2. Philosophy of Religion

Selected Publications

1. 2024, “The Symmetry Regained”, Analysis, 84: 42–6.
2. 2023, “Against the Humean Argument for Extended Simples” (with Hsuan-Chih
Lin), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 101: 551–563.
3. 2023, “Identity and Purity”, The Philosophical Quarterly, 179: 492–508.
4. 2022, “In Defense of Fact-Only Grounding”, Philosophical Studies, 179: 2891–99.
5. 2020, “F-Duplicates and Trivialization: a Reply to Speaks”, Faith and Philosophy, 37: 500–15.
6. 2020, “The Gap Problem Made Easy?”, Analysis, 80: 486–92.
7. 2019, “Theist Concept-nominalism and the Regress Problem”, Religious Studies, 55: 199–213.