LO, Tien-chun

Assistant Professor

BA (NTU); MPhil, DPhil (Oxford)
Rm 428

Brief Biography

I received my DPhil in Philosophy from Oxford in 2021. Before my doctoral studies, I obtained an MPhil in Philosophical Theology from Oxford and a BA in Philosophy from National Taiwan University.
My research interests lie in metaphysics and philosophy of religion. The issues that I have been working on include general metaphysical questions, e.g. (a) grounding, (b) fundamentality, (c) mereology, (d) properties, and (e) identity, and various topics in philosophy of religion, especially arguments for/against the existence of God and metaphysical/epistemological issues regarding divine attributes.

Research Interests

1. Metaphysics
2. Philosophy of Religion

Selected Publications

1. Forthcoming, “The Symmetry Regained”, Analysis.
2. Forthcoming, “Against the Humean Argument for Extended Simples” (with Hsuan-Chih
Lin), Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
3. 2023, “Identity and Purity”, The Philosophical Quarterly, 179: 492–508.
4. 2022, “In Defense of Fact-Only Grounding”, Philosophical Studies, 179: 2891–99.
5. 2020, “F-Duplicates and Trivialization: a Reply to Speaks”, Faith and Philosophy, 37: 500–15.
6. 2020, “The Gap Problem Made Easy?”, Analysis, 80: 486–92.
7. 2019, “Theist Concept-nominalism and the Regress Problem”, Religious Studies, 55: 199–213.