PARK, So-jeong

Visiting Professor

BA, MA, Ph.D (Yonsei University)
Rm YIA 1104

Brief Biography

PARK, So-Jeong is a Professor of Korean Philosophy at Sungkyunkwan University and serves as the director of Institute of Korean Philosophy and Culture (IKPC), where she leads the K-Academic Expansion Project (KAEP). Her research interests encompass Korean Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Music. She has published widely including in Korean, English, and Chinese, including “A Study on Seongho Yi Ik’s Emotional Spectrum ― Focusing on the Analysis of Emotional Vocabulary through Word2Vec” (Korean, 2024, collab.), “On Sound: Reconstructing a Zhuangzian Perspective of Music” (English, 2015), 《流动的音乐思维——先秦诸子音乐论新探》(Chinese, 2016)

Furthermore, she has developed online courses available on Coursera, covering topics such as Introduction to Korean Philosophy and CultureIn Search for the Origins of Korean Philosophy, and Korean Music, A Philosophical Exploration (collab.).

Research Interests

  1. Korean Philosophy
  2. Philosophy of Music
  3. Comparative Philosophy
  4. Comparative Aesthetics