Academic Year
Course Types
First Term
Code Title Teacher Period Location
PHIL1110A Introduction to Philosophy Wong Kai-yee W 7-8; T 9 CKB LT3; YIA505
PHIL1110B Introduction to Philosophy Gregory Moss W 3-5 WMY 505
PHIL1310 Logic Kou Kei-chun M 7-8; Tuto KKB 101; TSA
PHIL2020 History of Chinese Philosophy I Ng Kai-chiu T 6-8; Tuto LHC 103; TSA
PHIL2040 History of Western Philosophy I Lau Chong-fuk H 7-9; Tuto MMW 703; TSA
PHIL2302 Guided Studies in Western Philosophical Classics Kwan Tze-wan W 8-10 UCC 201
PHIL3541 Topics in Ancient Chinese Philosophy David Chai M 6-8 ERB 703
PHIL3551 Topics in Modern Chinese Philosophy Cheng Chung-yi T 6-8 ERB 804
PHIL3683 Topics in Applied Philosophy Lau Kwok-ying W 1-2; Tuto LHC G03; TSA
PHIL3820 Epistemology Cheung Kam-ching Leo W 4-5; Tuto UCC C2; TSA
PHIL4183 Philosophy of Science Cheung Kam-ching Leo M 3-5 ERB 405
PHIL4242 German Idealism Gregory Moss H 3-5 LSK 306
PHIL4443 Seminar on Philosophical Issues Wang Qingjie W 8-10 LHC G06
PHIL4532 Seminar on Western Philosophy Saulius Geniusas T 3-5 WLS LG204
PHIL5090 Seminar on Western Philosophy Li Hon-lam W 7-9 YIA LT7
PHIL5110 Seminar on Eastern Philosophy Yao Zhihua T 3-5 CYT 209
PHIL5150 Topics in Western Philosophy Zhong Lei T 7-9 ELB 204
PHIL5180 Special Seminar on Selected Philosophical Issues Carine Defoort F 7-9 LHC 101
PHIL5360 Seminar on Continental European Philosophy Lau Kwok-ying Thursdays 18:30-21:30 AIT G04
Second Term
Code Title Teacher Period Location
PHIL1110 Introduction to Philosophy Kwan Tze-wan T 3-5 YIA LT4
PHIL2030 History of Chinese Philosophy II Cheng Chung-yi T 7-9; Tuto KKB 101; TSA
PHIL2050 History of Western Philosophy II Saulius Geniusas T 3-5; Tuto SWC LT; TSA
PHIL2060A Philosophy & Human Conditions Lo Kit-hung W 8-10 ERB 408
PHIL2060B Philosophy & Human Conditions Wong Kai-yee W 8-10 UCC 111
PHIL2301 Guided Studies in Chinese / Eastern Philosophical Classics David Chai M 6-8 LSK 210
PHIL3000 Ethics Li Hon-lam W 6-7; Tuto LSK 304; TSA
PHIL3152 Topics in Ancient Western Philosophy Gregory Moss T 3-5 UCC114
PHIL3333 Comparative Philosophy of Religion Yao Zhihua M 3-4; Tuto LSK 208; TSA
PHIL3652 Topics in Contemporary Western Philosophy Lau Kwok-ying H 5-7 UCC 111
PHIL3662 Topics in Anglo-American Philosophy Wong Kai-yee H 8-10; Tuto UCC 111; TSA
PHIL3800 Metaphysics Zhong Lei T 4-5; Tuto UCC C3; TSA
PHIL4262 Existentialism Wong Yiu-hong M 6-8 ERB 703
PHIL4333 Philosophy of Mind Lau Chong-fuk H 8-9; Tuto UCC 201; TSA
PHIL4343 Philosophy of Education Cheng Hon-man H 2-3; Tuto ELB 303; TSA
PHIL4371 Seminar on Chinese Philosophy Huang Yong W 3-5 UCA 312
PHIL4423 Topics in Textual Analysis Cheung Kam-ching Leo W 8-10; Tuto LSK 304; TSA
PHIL5070 Seminar on Chinese Philosophy Ng Kai-chiu T 7-9 UCC 201
PHIL5150 Topics in Western Philosophy Saulius Geniusas F 2-4 UCC 205
PHIL5330 Seminar: Issues in the History of Chinese Philosophy Liu Xiaogan Tuesdays 18:30-21:30 WMY 305
PHIL5340 Seminar on Modern Western Philosophy Lau Chong-fuk Wednesdays 18:30 - 21:30 YIA LT4
Summer Session
Code Title Teacher Period Location
PHIL2400 Introductory Latin Louis Ha Mondays 6:30pm-9:15pm, Thursdays 6:30pm-9:15pm LSK 302



General Education, Part-time MA, Philosophy Major (2016-2017)

Philosophy Major (2016-2017)

Last update: September 1, 2016

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