Academic Year
Course Types
First Term
Code Title Teacher Period Location
PHIL5310 Seminar on Pre-modern Chinese Philosophy: Yogācāra Buddhism Yao Zhihua Tue 18:30-21:30 WMY 301
PHIL5340 Seminar on Modern Western Philosophy: Political Philosophy Li Hon-lam Mon 18:30-21:30 WMY 301
PHIL5370 Seminar: Issues in the History of Western Philosophy: Greek Philosophy: From Pre-Socratics to Plato and Aristotle Ho Wai-ming Fri 18:30-21:30 WMY 301
PHIL5533 Philosophical Analysis of Literature & Art Saulius Geniusas Thu 18:30-21:30 WMY 301
PHIL5551 Topics in Comparative Philosophy: Freedom, Destiny and Determinism Tao Kwok-cheung Sat 14:30-17:30 YIA LT3
PHIL5593 Topics in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies: Science and Rational Thinking Lau Chong-fuk Wed 18:30-21:30 WMY 301
Second Term
Code Title Teacher Period Location
*PHIL5500 Research Paper: Guided Study N/A N/A N/A
PHIL5330 Seminar: Issues in the History of Chinese Philosophy Cheng Chung-yi Sat 14:30-17:30 LSK LT1
PHIL5350 Seminar on Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy: Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations Cheung Kam-ching Fri 18:30-21:30 WMY 301
PHIL5360 Seminar on Continental European Philosophy: Merleau-Ponty: Phenomenology and Art Lau Kwok-ying Thu 18:30-21:30 YIA LT7
PHIL5543 Philosophy of the Human Condition: Life, Death, Love and Desire Lo Kit-hung Tue 18:30-21:30 YIA 505
PHIL5573 Topics in Applied Philosophy: Philosophy of Dying and Ageing Cheung Chan-fai Mon 18:30-21:30 Online