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Delivered in Putonghua
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Short Bio.:
Professor Chen Chien-Huang earned the B.A. degree from the Department of Chinese Literature in National Taiwan University, and the M.Phil and PhD degrees from the Department of Chinese in the University of Hong Kong. His research fields include Amitābha Pure Land study and academic thoughts in Song and Ming period. He is also teaching at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature in National Pingtung University and used to serve as dean to the Office of Research & Development, secretary-general, and the head of Department of Chinese.

Prof. Chen has won the Special Talent Awards from the NSC in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Appointed by ROC government, he serves as the committee member of Academic Reviewal and Evaluation Council of Ministry of Education, and NSC Special Project Review Committee. In recent five years, he has examined and approved more than forty academic articles for the important journals in THCI Core list. As a publications committee member, he examined seven books for the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences of NSC, and several publishing companies. Prof. Chen focused his academic interest on Amitābha Pure Land teaching, Humanistic Buddhism, and Humanistic Pure Land in the recent half decade. In the study of the early Chinese Amitābha Pure Land approach, he concluded the clear track of the development of Pure Land’s argumentation. Combining with the thoughts of Chan Pure Land and Huayan Pure Land, Prof. Chen developed the doctrinal structure of Amitābha Pure Land approach, and received fruitful achievements by elaborating the history, thoughts and practice of Chinese Pure Land approach.

The main research achievements of Prof. Chen are as follows:
-The Practice Vision of Buddhist and Neo-Confucian: Chan-Pure Land Practice, Meditating Experience, and the Judgment of Neo-Confucianism (Xin Wenfeng, forthcoming);
-Unsurpassed Upaya and Proceeding Joy: Circumjacent Relationship between Amitābha Pure Land and Humanistic Pure Land (Gandha Samudra Culture Company, 2015);
-An Overview of Miaoyun Aranya’s 50 years: A Record on Preaching the Buddhist Teachings of Huili and Changguang Miaoyun (Changchunteng Shufang, 2015, co-author);
-100 Selected Sentences from Buddhist Classics: Three Pure Land Sutras (Simplified Chinese edition, People”s Oriental Publishing Company, 2014);
-100 Selected Sentences from Buddhist Classics: Three Pure Land Sutras (Business Weekly Publications, 2010);
-Wandering through the Pure Land Dharma Door: The Orbit of Amitābha Pure Land Sect Developed by Tanluan, Daochuo and Shandao (Business Weekly Publications, 2009);
-Questions and Answers on the Pure Land: an Introduction (The Grand East Book Company, 2004);
-Prove the Truth in the Universally Penetrating Way: Pure Land Enlightenment by Yinguang (The Grand East Book Company, 2002);
-and more than forty academic articles.