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A Theory of Misinformation Without the Concept of Truth (Departmental Seminar)

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Joining the Seminar online:
No registration is required.
Link: https://cuhk.zoom.us/j/94863092748
Meeting ID: 948 6309 2748

Tel: 3943 7135
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Mainstream scholarship conceives of misinformation as necessarily involving the concepts of either truth or accuracy. The following non-alethic definition is argued to be more satisfactory: an act of communication is misinformation if and only if it is conducted in a context that is misleading and violates the core informational preferences of relevant stakeholders relative to their goals. This account distinguishes misinformation from mere deception, articulates both propositional and non-propositional forms of misinformation, is sensitive to the value-laden features of misinformation, consonant with empirical psychological data, and applicable for policy purposes.

Delivered in English.
All are welcome.