ZHENG, Zemian

Assistant Professor

B.Engineering (Wuhan University), M.Phil.(Wuhan University), Ph.D (CUHK).
Rm 424A

Brief Biography

Zemian Zheng’s research field is Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism. His M. Phil. Thesis is on Dai Zhen’s criticism of Song-Ming Neo-Confucian ethics. His Doctoral Dissertation is on Zhu Xi’s moral psychology. After he received his PhD from CUHK, he went to Berlin twice for two post-doctoral research projects at Dahlem Humanities Center of the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin). He was a visiting scholar at the Department of Philosophy at UC Berkeley (April 2018- Feb 2019). He has taught Chinese Philosophy at Wuhan University for several years, the courses included “History of Philosophy (from Song to Qing dynasty),” “Introduction to the Confucian ‘Four Books’, ” “Introduction to Laozi and Zhuangzi,” “Seminar on Pre-Qin Philosophy,” etc. He has published papers on sincerity, self-deception, and the notion of oneness, etc., in Chinese and English journals.

Research Interests

  1. Zhu Xi
  2. Wang Yangming
  3. Dai Zhen
  4. Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism
  5. History of Chinese Philosophy
  6. Comparative Ethics

Selected Publications

  1. “An Alternative Way of Confucian Sincerity: Wang Yangming’s Unity of Knowing and Doing as a Response to Zhu Xi’s Puzzle of Self-deception,” Philosophy East and West 2018, 68(4).
  2. “Love and the Paradoxes of Unity: Zhu Xi’s Debate with Followers of Cheng Hao over ‘Perceptual Oneness,’ Frontiers of Philosophy in China, 2017, 12(3).
  3. “Thinking through the Heart of a Child: Luo Jinxi on Body and Rituals,” Ming Qing Studies, 2016.
  4. “Two Kinds of Oneness: Cheng Hao’s Letter on Calming Nature in Contrast with Zhang Zai’s Monism,” Philosophy East and West, 2015 October, 65(4).
  5. “Self-deception, Sincerity (cheng) and Zhu Xi’s Last Word,”International Philosophical Quarterly, 2015 September.
  6. “Dai Zhen’s Criticism and Misunderstanding of Zhu Xi’s Moral Theory,” Dao: a Journal of Comparative Philosophy, 2015 September.
  7. <朱子晚年誠意思想考論>(Later Zhu Xi’s View of Sincerity), 《中國哲學與文化》(Chinese Philosophy and Culture),2017年, 第14 輯.
  8. <老子的“慈故能勇”與孔子的“仁者必有勇”──德性倫理學上儒道二家的會通與差異> (Laozi and Confucius on Courage: a Comparative Study on their Models of the Relationship of Virtues) 《道家文化研究》 (Daoist Culture Studies), 2018年, 第31 輯.
  9. <從王陽明的戒慎恐懼工夫看良知學的形成>(Wang Yangming’s View of Cautiousness and its Relation to the Genesis of the “Learning of Liangzhi” 《人文論叢》 (Humanities) 2017年第2期.
  10. <荀子論欲望與人的自我轉化──性、情與欲的道德心理學詮釋> (Xunzi on Desire and Self-transformation: a moral psychology of xing, qing and yu) 《哲學評論》(Wuhan University Philosophical Review), 2014 April, (12).
  11. <告子思想淵源考──兼論“求則得之”作為孟子倫理學的思想起點> (the Source of Gaozi’s Thought and the Starting-point of Mencius’s Ethics),《武漢大學學報》(Journal of Wuhan University), 2013:66(324).
  12. <《莊子》中的化與死> (Zhuangzi on Transformation and Death),《中國哲學與文化》(Chinese Philosophy and Culture), Volume 9.