1. Prosit Philosophiae Foundation (PPF)

Through subsidizing post-graduate students of the Department to join research/exchange programmes, PPF aims to raise students’ academic standards, broaden their international outlook, and in the long run nurture outstanding researchers in the field and promote quality philosophical education for local students.

The subsidy for each student can be up to HK$100,000. The Foundation is a rare and valuable source of support that contributes to a student’s advancement in their research and personal growth.

2. Tang Chun-I Visiting Professorship 

The Visiting professorship brings one or two internationally distinguished philosophers to the Department each year to offer a one-month, one-credit postgraduate lecture course on a specialized topic in their area of expertise, along with a formal public lecture and an informal staff seminar presentation.

3. Departmental Seminars 

Seminars by scholars from local and overseas universities, or colleagues of the Philosophy Department are held regularly. Students learn from the speakers prominent issues and debates at the forefront of various areas of research.

4. Tutorship 

Full-time postgraduate students who receive a monthly stipend are usually assigned to lead tutorials, which may relate to his/her area of research. This helps students to learn the skills of conducting tutorials, and may also refresh or enhance their understanding of some basic concepts and issues in philosophy.