Academic Year
Course Types
First Term
Code Title Teacher Period Location
PHIL5340 Seminar on Modern Western Philosophy: Phenomenology of Imagination Saulius GENIUSAS Tue 18:30-21:30 YIA 503
PHIL5531 Topics in Buddhist Philosophy: Madhyamaka YAO Zhihua Fri 18:30-21:30 WMY 502
PHIL5541 Topics in Eastern Philosophy: Philosophy of Chinese Subjectivity TAO Kwok-cheung Sat 14:30-17:30 YIA LT7
PHIL5543 Philosophy of the Human Condition: Life, Death, Love and Desire KWOK Pak-nin Thu 18:30-21:30 CYT 203
PHIL5573 Topics in Applied Philosophy: Philosophy of Art and Aesthetic Experiences MAN Kit-wah Wed 18:30-21:30 ARC G03
Second Term
Code Title Teacher Period Location
*PHIL5500 Research Paper: Guided Study N/A N/A N/A
PHIL5320 Seminar on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Philosophy: Contemporary Neo-Confucianism CHENG Chung-yi Sat 14:30-17:30 LSK LT1
PHIL5330 Seminar: Issues in the History of Chinese Philosophy: Song Neo-Confucianism ZHENG Zemian Thu 18:30-21:30 YIA 505
PHIL5360 Seminar on Continental European Philosophy: Foucault's Archeaology of Knowledge LAU Kwok-ying Tue 18:30-21:30 YIA LT9
PHIL5552 Mind and Cognition LAU Chong-fuk Wed 18:30-21:30 YIA LT7
PHIL5573 Topics in Applied Philosophy: Environmental Philosophy Hayden KEE Fri 18:30-21:30 YIA 503
PHIL5583 Issues in Practical Philosophy: Philosophy as Therapeia LO Kit-hung Mon 18:30-21:30 ARC G03



General Education, Part-time MA, Philosophy Major (2023-2024)

Part-time MA (2023-2024)

*PHIL5500 is an elective course for year 2 students only. Division’s approval is required before taking this course. For those who are interested in taking the course PHIL5500, please complete and submit the application form, together with your latest copy of transcript and research proposal, return it to the department on or before 30 October in the first semester.

First term: 2 September 2024 – 30 November 2024
Second term: 6 January 2025 – 17 April 2025