1. Why should I study Philosophy

1.1 Why should I study philosophy?

Besides its subject matter, philosophy trains one’s critical thinking skills, which are transferable to all other fields. It equips one with the tools to cope with this ever-changing world.

1.2 Who are going to teach the programme?

The full-time teaching staff of our department, and occasionally our part-time lecturers.

2. Programme

2.1 Who are the target participants?

Everyone with a bachelor’s degree in any field who is interested in philosophy is eligible.

2.2 What is the programme structure?

This is a 2-year part-time taught programme. Students are required to complete a minimum of 8 courses, with at least one course from each of the following area:

  • Chinese/Eastern philosophy
  • Western philosophy
  • Applied philosophy

2.3 Are there any required courses?

Except the requirement to complete at least one course from each area, there are no required courses.

2.4 What are the elective areas of studies?

Chinese/Eastern philosophy, Western philosophy and Applied philosophy. In addition, students can choose to write a research paper guided by a teaching staff under the course title ‘PHIL5500. Research Paper: Guided Study in Philosophical Problems’.

2.5 Is the programme a research programme or taught programme?

This is a taught programme.

2.6 What is the language used in class?

The primary medium of instruction is Chinese, either Cantonese or Putonghua, supplemented by English. Both Chinese and English materials may be assigned as course readings. In some courses, writing assignments can be completed in either Chinese or English.

2.7 What is the class schedule and location?

Weekdays 6:30-9:30pm and Saturday 2:30-5:30pm on our university campus.

2.8 What is the normal duration of study?

24 months.

2.9 What is the minimum cumulative GPA for graduation?

2.0, which is equivalent to a C grade.

2.10 Upon my MA completion, would I be eligible for the PhD programme at your department?

No. However, if you are enrolled in our MPhil programme, course exemption may be granted by our Board of Committee.

2.11 When will the first semester start?

First week of September, although the Graduate School admission letter indicates August.

2.12 Can I extend my study beyond 2 years?

Yes, with the maximum period of study being 4 years.

3. Admission

3.1 What are the admission requirements?

A bachelor’s degree in any field, together with the requirements specified by the Graduate School and the Division of Philosophy laid out on QUALIFICATION FOR ADMISSION.

3.2 Is there any language requirement?

There is a language proficiency requirement for both English and Chinese. Please see QUALIFICATION FOR ADMISSION.

3.3 If I cannot provide any document to prove my Chinese proficiency, can I apply the programme?

Yes. You may be asked to attend a Chinese proficiency written test.

3.4 If I have not completed my bachelor’s degree before the application deadline, can I apply for the programme?

Yes. If you are expected to have graduated with a bachelor’s degree before admission to our programme, you are eligible to apply.

3.5 What are the selection criteria?

The Board of Committee reviews each case based on the applicant’s motivation essay, working experiences, academic awards, and any documents of proof of prior philosophical training. Interview will be arranged only if deemed necessary.

4. Application

4.1 How can I obtain the application materials? How can I apply?

Online applications can be submitted at http://www.gs.cuhk.edu.hk/page/ApplicationforAdmission.

4.2 Is the official transcript must be sent directly by the graduated university?

Yes, in a sealed envelope directly from your university.

4.3 How many referees are required?

2. Completed reference forms must be returned directly by your referees.

4.4 Would the Division certify true copy if I present the original transcript to the Division?

Only if your university has closed.

4.5 When will the application for admission in 2024-2025 begin?

September 2023.

4.6 When will be the deadline of 2024-25 application?

29 February, 2024.

5. Result Announcement

5.1 When will I receive a formal notification of my application result?

Application result will be announced on the Graduate School website http://www.gs.cuhk.edu.hk/. All applicants will be notified in writing of their application results as soon as the selection process is completed. However, since there may be several rounds of selection, the process may span for several months. Should any applicant be interested in finding out the progress of their application, please contact us at 3943 7149 or phil_MA@cuhk.edu.hk.

5.2 Why is it that I cannot find my application number on the result announcement page of the Graduate School?

If your application number does not appear on the result announcement page, this shows that your application is still being processed.